Voiceover Baby-working

Baby Sneeze - 1 week

Baby Hiccup - 1 week

Baby Squeaking - 1 week

Baby Sneeze - 7 weeks

Frustrated - 9 weeks

Baby Talk - 9 weeks

Baby Cry Short - 9 weeks

Baby Fidgeting - 19 weeks

Baby Sleepy Talking - 19 weeks

BabyChatter - 20 weeks

Voiceover BabyVoiceover Baby

Hello I’m Voiceover Baby. The world’s youngest voice over artist. I use the term ‘artist’ quite loosely. I am a FBVO (Female Baby Voice Over) Welcome to my website. I’m available for real natural crying, sniffing, sneezing, hiccups, farting, gurgling and odd baby noises. I hope you like my new voiceover demos.

Daddy is letting me use his studio. He has been a voiceover artist for a long time now. You’ll hear him on TV & Radio all over the world. I’m sure I hear him on lots of children’s toys tv commercials. Please use him on your projects or productions. He is really good and has some awesome clients.

Now, down to business. If you’d like to use any of my sounds please contact my daddy. He’ll tell you how you can buy them. As a voiceover baby my earnings will pay for a university education when I’m older.

I think Daddy likes to try and catch me performing. Honestly, I think he sees pounds and dollar signs and my earning potential as the youngest voiceover on the circuit.

Currently I’m a few years off understanding the business side of the voice over world. I’ll just perform and let my daddy do the negotiating.

As yet I’ve not booked any jobs but I’m ready to feature in a national television commercial. Or maybe a promo with some worldwide usage. Oh, I must just say (or gurgle) My Daddy just added some new clips. I think my sleepy talking is quite adorable, even if I do say so myself. I just need some exposure. Maybe an appearance on Good Morning America? They like feel good stories like mine.

Please purchase some of my audio! 🙂

Thank you for visiting… love Voiceover Baby xxx

Voiceover Baby - neumann

Baby Breathing - 1 week

Baby Crying - 1 week

Baby Winding - 3 weeks

Baby Sneeze Fart - 7 Weeks

Baby Fidgeting - 8 weeks

Baby Breastfeeding - 8 weeks

Baby Talking - 19 weeks

Baby coughing - 19 weeks

Baby Squeek Fart - 8 weeks

Baby Conversation - 20 weeks